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Being a Good Leader and a Good Manager are Two Different Things !

Being Good Leaders and Good Managers are two different things Leaders don’t believe in status quo and know that change is the only constant in life. What sets them apart is the courage and self-confidence with which they look at change. They see challenges thrown their way as opportunity to build something new and every diversity means to achieve the impossible .While most of us prefer to sit on the fence and see changes happen and try our best to protect ourselves from them, leaders actually make changes happen and drive them in the direction they believe is best for organisation .They lead by example . They work on long term and vision to achieve the impossible and change the course of life .Their goals are well defined and they relentlessly work towards achieving it .The leader aligns his people to larger bigger goals in the organisation and have the ability to convince others to follow him or her. A great leader wants respect and good managers popularity.Great leaders aren't always the most likable people. In the long run, great leaders recognize that their job is to get people to do things the might not want to do, in order to achieve goals they want to achieve. While Good Managers on the other hand is very different .Managers rarely have a vision towards redefining the industry. Good management is much more about taking the defined goals and partitioning them into detailed plans, so that the goals can be achieved by an average employee, who may not care much about the future, barring his own. This task can’t be underestimated. Unless thousands of worker work diligently and are aligned with a plan, no queen can achieve her vision. An organisation that wants to stay competitive and relevant in the long run needs both leaders and good managers to complement each other. The common perception is that the CEO is supposed to manage both the roles successfully. This rarely happens. Mostly, CEOs are great managers driving growth but unable to achieve long term vision ! While their popularity grows everyday yet when it comes to being a leader ,they have far lessor followers and often people confuse between being a good manager or people manager . When recently asking a question to a candidate, i asked what are the traits of good manager , he said that his boss used to lead 6 people now leads 12 people . Then again some people confuse being a manager of people to having leadership qualities or being a good leader. So maybe when it comes to choosing your team you have to decide between a combination of both .You need leaders to achieve the vision of the firm and question status quo and good managers to achieve this vision by driving it everyday . Remember that a good leader is needed to achieve the impossible and a good manager to hold people together .If you can bring in a combination of both on your team ,you would look at long term success for yourself and your organisation !

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