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Just Fine !

Like most other firms specially in the MSME sector we were struggling during both the Covid waves which took us by surprise each time and while we waited for some help professionally ,none however came . While the onslaught continued both personally and professionally there were times when I used to just sit for hours looking out of my balcony , on how to sort things out . Just over six years ago Tyche was born and out of literally five and half years , we had covid striking a big blow to our savings , funds and personally of course to our friends and family . Like others we too waited for the government to come to our help and come up with some sort of scheme , yet of course none came with relevance . The banks had too become cautious on lending money and despite all the various odd schemes being discussed , nothing moved and the business floundered and of course our fixed costs remained the same .We never asked any of our employees to go despite being a small firm.

But like they say tough times don't last but tough people do . We made up our mind to fight it out . Times we sat the whole night wondering what will happen next month and the next if this continued, so much so all this effected the health with the stress . But we fought it hard and reached out to clients and all our friends and candidates for work. We put our head down and focussed on even the smallest assignment we had . We focussed on hundred percent closure . We worked day and night just to see the delivery through and worked against timelines to close and the struggle kept going on . One thing that kept us going was hope of good times . As a person I learned to value my time on earth . My life and the feeling that as long as we are alive, there will always be the good times .Assignments started closing and while it was not enough , it was just enough to keep us afloat .

My biggest learning as an entrepreneur is that things never remain the same and what we must do is however instead of giving up ,hold that fear down that keeps jumping up and forces us to give up . We must fight that fear of failure at any cost and if we can do that then most of the challenges that we face will slowly disappear . While Covid is still there and may not go for a while , what it has taught us is how to fight with fear and fight back and still keep moving ahead despite all . Key is to keep low and focus on things that are important to our lives and shut the noise out . When we can focus on things that matter then there is no place for fear at all and you can be sure that things will surely be "Just Fine ".

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