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Don't Say can't coz i will ...!!

Today I was just remembering one of my old bosses when I had just started my career in corporate sales for large media house.I was struggling as a trainee and my Dad influential person told me that he didn't want me to go like a sales person visiting his friends .So I was left to find my own clients to sell quarter page ads but couldn't do so .My boss finally called me one day and said "Priya you are a nice girl ,you can't do this why don't you go home and get married to a nice guy and settle down "I still remember how I sobbed and made a fool of my self in front of my team who were trying to be kind to me .That was one last day of my life when I cried over what I couldn't do and today over last so many years I was the top performer for many companies I worked and kept competing with myself and against the best ...and there has been no turning back .I met him recently ,he was trying to reach out to me to help him get a job ....and as a respect for my first lesson learnt ....if he hadn't said that I can't do it ....I wouldn't have been where I am today .So I got him a job and thanked him for giving up on me ....such is life ! Cheers!

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