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Second Chances !

I am a firm believer of second chances as sometimes things make more sense the second time around.What if you were given a second chance at everything you’ve ever done in your life, would you take it? I would. Not because I screwed things up the first time (even though I did a couple of times) but because I truly believe in the power of second chance. How many times have you met someone you didn’t like at first but ended up being friends later because you realized the first impression was awfully wrong? How many relationships and friendships were restored because the second time around things were different and made more sense? How many milestones have you achieved at work when your boss gave you a second chance to do things right after a major flop? How many songs have you hated at first but ended up loving after listening to them a couple of times? People change, you change and the universe changes, if we keep ourselves confined to first chances only, we will truly miss out on some of the most beautiful things in life. Give yourself a second chance, give your parents a second chance, give your friends a second chance, give your passion a second chance, give your love a second chance, give happiness a second chance and give life a second chance. Your boss ,your career ,it's your choice. Call it coincidence, destiny or déjà vu, life is always presenting us with second chances but it’s what we do with these chances that counts. it's not about first chances ...nothing ever remains the same so why the first job,experience,career....why not redo and do better .Second chances are a gift .Life is always presenting you with second chances because this is where the magic happens......take it ....!!!!

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