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Every time you say NO ---- It's a Challenge

From the time you are born , the word NO is recognized by every baby , whether it is in the shaking of your mother's head or a warning finger of your father or your grand mother . The word NO is taught more frequently to us than the word YES .

According to top IVY League University, the word NO is easily in top 20 words of most babies. The word yes? Not even on the chart. Because everyone makes rules about what can’t be done, and they don’t say yes, and they don’t give permission.I’ve heard people put down my chances time and time again, refuse to have faith in me or say NO to me or give me chance.

...and every time I’ve heard a NO, I’ve started to love it a little more...

Because every time, it’s sounded less like a rejection and more like a challenge. I’ve got a rebel streak, I’ve got a whole lot of freaking side in me, and a crazy drive to challenge the impossible . Come what may, come what will, when I hear the word No, it galvanizes me. It pushes me to action. It motivates me to level of frenzy and then probably some of the action that follows can move mountains .When I’m told I can’t do something, I have something to fight against, and something to struggle against. Someone to prove wrong. It can make me commit, like nothing else. I get so committed that it's impossible to hold me back . Some call it being Bullish and I call it stubborn.

People will tell you NO for a bunch of different reasons. And you’re going to find that most of them have nothing to do with you, and your background and what you’re capable of. It's actually their mindsets , the little boxes that they are living in . Or simply they just don't have the guts to take a challenge on themselves or are not risk takers . They believe in an ideal world and don't know how to turn on a adverse situation to their own advantage.

They’ll say no because they don’t think you’ve got what it takes, or because they don’t want you to have what it takes, or because they found out too late they didn’t and they don’t want you to go through that.

Sometimes, they honestly believe that they have your best interests at heart, but that’s bullshit. Because every reason comes down to just one. People tell you no because they’ve judged you and found you wanting.They want you to fail . These are the guys who would silently behind your back stand and laugh at all your failures and when you want them to stand up with you , suddenly you won't see them .

There’s a No, for every choice and every path you could walk. There’s a No because the assumption is towards the negative.

The thing is, only one person has your best interests as a major priority, and it’s you. Everyone else is seeing your best interests through the paradigm of their lives and their losses and their failures. They want to make your life conform to theirs, mirror theirs. They want you to do what works for them not because it will work for you.

The word NO, for me, is like the crack of a starters pistol.

That’s not always a positive trait. It’s got me into a lot of trouble, over the years, and it probably will again. But it also drives me, and pushes me, and makes me work for the things I want. I don’t expect success, I expect a fight that I’m dead-set on winning, at all costs.

So when ever you hear a NO ...from a job ,career or your boss or family in achieving what you want in life , close your ears and show them what it takes . Turn the table around. Get over the fear of hearing ‘NO’ and you will feel free! The world will look brighter; you will seek ‘NO’s everywhere you go! Permit yourself to hear ‘NO’ and anticipate a ‘YES’ soon. Every NO brings you closer to a ‘YES’!

All you have to do is to change your attitude toward NO . Every time you hear it ...let it challenge you to do more , do your best and even if you can't convert it to a YES, make sure that they carry that regret in their lives for not saying YES to you !

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